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Consider  a very special  ten-day sightseeing experience of the incomparably beautiful temples, shrines, gardens, and more in Kyoto, the ancient historical capital and modern, cultural capital of Japan. This tour, created and led by former Kyoto resident and seasoned yoga teacher Carrie Meyer, integrates an optional daily yoga practice* with walking tours of multiple world-class sights as well as less famous, remarkably ambient places in Kyoto. The group size is intentionally limited to 7 (Carrie makes 8) so that participants may be as close as possible to feeling like they’re having their own intimate travel experience without being herded in a large group yet also get to relax with the ease, comfort, and support of having everything on the itinerary arranged and managed by the host.

Although Kyoto could be an overwhelming experience of what to do if one did not know how to navigate there, Carrie has striven to offer a rich, yet balanced, itinerary and a lovely, while cost-effective, tour. Some of the most fulfilling experiences may include meandering through temples along/near the Philosopher’s Path, gazing mesmerized at impeccably elegant, masterfully designed Kyoto gardens, appreciating the ancient ambiance and nuanced architecture of preserved Buddhist and Shinto structures, the caring dedication exhibited at countless shrines whether in high-profile districts or hidden pockets of neighborhoods… Of course, there’s the culinary experience of Japan, traditional arts, museums, modern marvels, shopping, and so much more.

*The daily yoga practice–an optional part of the Kyoto tour–is offered only once per day due to the rich itinerary of sightseeing activity, which includes a good amount of walking.

To reserve your spot or for more information on the Kyoto tour,
contact Carrie at (916) 705-0511
 info@carriejmeyer.com    www.carriejmeyer.com

*All photos on this website were taken by Carrie or by previous participants on her Kyoto tour.

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