kyoto-yoga1wCarrie will offer a daily hatha yoga practice to accommodate all levels of experience and skill as long as there is a basic level of fitness. The practice will be held outdoors, weather permitting, or, on some occasions, indoors.

Carrie is an experienced registered yoga teacher E-RYT who has logged thousands of hours teaching yoga since 2001. She distills and integrates her original training influences in 1999 of Classical (eight-limb) Ashtanga and Iyengar-style yoga with Vinyasa flow and the broader principles of somatic and eastern psychology. Yin and restorative components are often incorporated into a practice that may organically evolve into more dynamic sequences.

Her classes have been experienced by many as physically satisfying, mindbody meditations stimulated by her subtle language and cueing, keen somatic sensibilities, and blended references to physical and energetic coordinates, all of which provide for as challenging or moderate a practice as is desired.


*The yoga practice on the Kyoto tour is offered only once per day due to the rich itinerary of sightseeing activity, which includes a good deal of walking.